X Ambassadors Live at Promowest Fest 2016

X Ambassadors snatched up my soul and cleansed it in the beautiful voice of Sam Harris. I am a purer man now that these wonderful artists have blessed me with one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen.

The band consists of brothers Sam and Casey Harris (vocals and keyboard, respectively), guitarist Noah Feldshun, and drummer Adam Levin. In terms of raw talent, not a single member is lacking. Sam and Casey had a very strong rock/pop energy on stage that was well-balanced by the confident swagger of Levin and Feldshuh.

Levin kind of looks like Liam Hemsworth from far away, so there was a bottom level interest to just watching him drum, but his skills on the drum set added many more layers to his presence. Neither Levin nor Feldshuh needed to do much to show off their skills. At one point during the show, Feldshuh actually backed into a corner to play a solo, while Sam bounced around stage backing him up on another guitar. Even with Sam strutting around, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Noah ripping that solo, and all of us in the audience, a collective new one.

The chiller demeanor of Levin and Feldshuh really meshed with Sam and Casey’s more upbeat presence. Sam was the focal point of the show. The guy was an endless ball of rock and roll energy. He stomped, shouted, and jumped around the stage, all while belting out some of the most insane vocals I had ever heard. His voice was all over the place, from crazy highs to booming lows, from smooth and sultry to rough in a heartbeat. I was waiting to see some struggle from Sam, but there was none. I’m not so sure he’s a simple human being like the rest of us. His entire performance reminded me of Janelle Monae (the best live performer I’ve ever seen by the way). In fact, the whole show was very soulful. I felt like I was in a church praising at the altar of X Ambassadors’ talent.

Sam was very much the center of the show, and rightly so with a beautiful voice like that, but Casey was the real M.V.P. You could tell from watching him that he truly does love the music he makes. Not to say that I didn’t get that vibe from the other band members. I completely did and credit it for why the show was so great. Still, Casey oozed such pride in X Ambassadors’ music. He would dance and throw his hands up while still laying down some gorgeous keys. I’m pretty sure the holy spirit itself took over his body and blessed us with beautiful music. Casey is also blind and has been since birth, making him all the more impressive. If he turns out to be the second coming, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

X Ambassadors have really grown these past few years with hits like “Renegade,” “Unsteady,” and “Jungle” (all amazing live). Before the show, I had little exposure to the rest of their music, which isn’t very much as of yet. But after this show, I can almost guarantee they have plenty of hits on their hands. “Naked” was the standout for me, really showcasing Sam’s range, and capturing the soulful, positive vibe that is present in everything they do. I encourage you all to hop on this train while it’s still early.

I’m sure they’ll┬átake over the world in a year or so. If not, I’ll be very disappointed. They deserve it.


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