Walk the Moon releases music video for their new single “Shut Up And Dance”

Walk-the-Moon-Shut-Up-Dance-2014-1200x1200Yes. Last month Walk the Moon released a new single in light of their new album Talking is Hard (may or may not be the official title, but they’ve hinted at it a few times) that comes out god knows when, but now there’s even more good news. There’s a video. A quirky yet humorous depiction of what the band is really about, having fun. “Shut Up and Dance” starts off with lead vocalist Nick Petricca standing awkwardly in the middle of the dance floor, he gets tons of dirty looks from everyone around him, probably because he’s just standing there…by himself…alone. This soon changes when an attractive woman catches his eyes, telling him to…wait for it…shut up and dance. Making sense? Sure it does. Anyways my description isn’t the best, but what I love the most about this video is the humor. Nick falls over halfway through the song and starts seeing a guy in a full body suit that changes colors repeatedly…that guy then starts dancing (which is crazy good I might add) we then realize that it is, in fact, Nick in the full body suit. The actual band members, Eli, Sean, and Kevin, actually pop up a lot throughout the video, adding to the humor. There’s also a few scenes where Nick gets punched in the face, but it’s like in 8-bit so it looks like a video game. I honestly am making no sense at the moment I realize, but the video will explain everything. I love the catchy chorus, the (keyboard?) solo thing towards the end, the rhythm. It’s all great. I cannot wait to see what Walk the Moon will release next.

Here’s a link to “Shut Up and Dance”
walk the moon 2One other piece of interesting information, the band is actually on the “Shut Up and Dance Tour” right now, they announced tour dates all over the U.S. in small venues for some intimate shows. My friends went to one the other day, it actually sold out in 5 minutes. It’s crazy how popular these guys have actually gotten, it’s a great thing to witness. From 2010’s “i want i want!” to 2012’s Walk the Moon┬áthis band has really matured….but they’re still fun too. The band is just extremely talented, extremely creative, and extremely funny. A trifecta. Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

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