Unpopular Opinion: HAIM So Sick Of Them

I’ve been a fan of HAIM since 2013, after the trio released their debut album, Days Are Gone. Though I was not initially enthralled by that album, I was intrigued by their singles and eventually, after several listenings, fell in love with it.

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Though the HAIM sisters sing mostly about relationships on that record, the songs are sonically and lyrically diverse enough to capture my interest. Needless to say, I was excited when they announced the release of their long-awaited second album, Something To Tell You.

I’ve listened to the album almost two times now, but I couldn’t force myself to finish it. Sometimes when I’m trying to make myself like an album, I listen to it on repeat until I do, but I truly could not make my way through Something To Tell You. To me, this album is a more boring version of Days Are Gone.

The content of their new album is, once again, mostly about relationships and the ups and downs of romance, but I felt way less emotion in these new songs. Where is the anger and passion of a song like “My Song 5” on this album?

The closest thing to “My Song 5” is “Walking Away” – both about love lost, but the songs are hard to compare since the “Walking Away” has way less emotional power.

Where is the urgency of “If I Could Change Your Mind”?

No matter what an artist is singing about, I need to feel it in their voice as well. I don’t feel any deep emotions in their voices on the new tracks. Some of the songs, like “Right Now” have plenty of instrumental build up, but the Haim sisters’ voices feel distant and detached.

In my opinion, the lyrics aren’t as intricate and detailed as they were on their first album. When I listen to Days Are Gone, I can relate to a lot of the lyrics and storytelling, even if what they’re singing about hasn’t happened to me. The details the band uses and the feelings they sing them with add to the song’s effect.

The lyrics on Something To Tell You can be cliche and repetitive, which makes it hard for me to attach to them. I was hoping that their new material would feature different lyrical content, but it feels like they’re writing about the same relationships they were four years ago.

I’m not saying the HAIM sisters aren’t talented musicians, because I truly respect their artistry and musical prowess – but I’m sorry, their second album is so boring to me that I don’t even know if I’d attend a concert on their future tour (which says a lot because I have been waiting to see them play at a club for over four years).

This is my unpopular opinion, but maybe I’ll just listen to the album on repeat until I start liking it.

You can form your own opinion on HAIM’s latest by streaming it below.

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