Track Review: You Don’t Get Me High Anymore by Phantogram

Life is an abyss of some sort, an unrelenting sort of broken record that rewinds itself over and over again. It’s that push and pull found in the invisible disparity between happiness and contentment. Yeah, that sounds pretty pessimistic, but there’s seems to be some truth to it, at least to electronic-pop duo Phantogram.

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Their new single, “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore,” highlights the problem associated with such inevitable boredom.

No doubt, it’s a song about addiction, but not in its most typical form. With “YDGMHA,” we hear quite the opposite. A chant of anger and disappointment in the lack of compulsion one now has for the other. That elated feeling is lost, or as Sarah Barthel repeatedly sings “Nothing is fun. Not like before. You don’t get me high anymore.”

Everything is now redundant and unfulfilling. The track is a verbal illustration of those interim periods of happiness. A sort of acclamation to the cynicism found in the transient satisfactions of our experiences . After all, all good things must come to an end. This track seems to pay homage to that old saying.

It’s lyrical content alone make for quite a melancholic and cynical track. Contrast that with its electronic rock sound and hip-hop beats and things change. Yeah, the song is still quite heavy, but you’re not completely isolated in its loneliness.

Ironically, there’s a wholesome vibe to it, a sort of oneness that comes with that hip-hop rhythm made for crowd bobbing. “YDGMHA” embodies that juxtaposed blend of lyric and sound, a yin and yang of placid disposition.

“You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” is from Phantogram’s upcoming third album, Three, out September 16. You can stream their new single on Spotify below.

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