Track Review: Good Together by HONNE

Much like their previous single, “Someone That Loves You,” HONNE continues to capture that majestic blend of love and hazy synths in their latest track, “Good Together.”

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Yeah, it resembles a lot of their other singles, but maybe it’s just a clever distillation. Either way, most of their tracks do seem to bounce off each other, as if to resemble the organic and unpredictable yet unsurprising time series of romance.

“Good Together” features an unrestrained sweetness that almost feels nostalgic. It’s an upbeat, catchy, and soul-tinged track. From the gospel-like rhythm and steady percussion to Andy’s distinct voice, it’s a clear model of their usual sound, though slightly more in depth. It plays like a funky and exultant lullaby, sort of soothing yet sort of euphoric.

HONNE is known to use an array of subjects found in all music but in their own integrated way. For one, the duo has always been quite honest with their lyrics. You hear about their own quarrels, desires, and pain, about that comfortable ignorance we shield ourselves with just to avoid heartbreak. Their production is also a collaboration of varying genres. They consistently combine the lull vibes of R&B with the pop sounds of electronica.

The duo has undoubtedly brought us a solid introduction to their upcoming debut album, Warm on A Cold Night. Nevertheless, “Good Together” is still more of a homage to their past EPs then a depiction of growth in their musicality. They have yet to productively steer from what we’ve heard before.

I expect the album itself will show HONNE sticking to their usual pattern, nothing more and nothing less. Their last few singles seem to cast a discouraging look into what their capabilities are as musicians. Of course, their music is good and new listeners will enjoy it, but I have yet to hear the musical ingenuity I once anticipated for.

Look out for Warm On A Cold Night, out on July 22, 2016. You can stream “Good Together” on Spotify below.

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