Track Review: “Blondie” by Captiva

The Kansas City alt-rock outfit struts back in (blonde supermodel by its side) with their latest track.


If Captiva’s last release, “Check Your System,” is the pre-game track I listen to to get hyped up, “Blondie” is what I want to hear when I’m sauced up three hours later.

“Blondie” maintains the rough-edged sound Captiva has developed this year. While it may not be as inventive as “Check Your System” this easy song bops on by with no problem.

While “Check Your System” works as an introduction to the band, “Blondie” has a much simpler goal: it’s just a good jam. Simply being about blondes, how great blondes are, and how exciting it is to find your blondie, no new territory is being explored here.

This is a jam in the clearest sense of the word.

According to the band, “Blondie” is a song about all the fine women out there, not just the blondes.

“Blondie” is a testament to all those fine women in your life. Blonde, brown, blue, and busty. Takes all kinds to make this world go round.

– Captiva

The track comes off of Captiva’s debut studio album Pay No Mind due out January of next year.

‘Pay No Mind’ is our debut album that we’ve been working on for a while now. We’ve been spending a lot of time finding our sound and developing our relationship between the music and of audience. Honestly, it’s gonna be fantastic *Donald Trump voice*


The instruments take the front seat here, with a crazy good psychedelic vibe led by Pat McQuaid on guitar. There’s a beatboxing break close to the end of the song that serves as a reminder to why these guys feel so fresh.

Because of its relatively simple subject matter, “Blondie” doesn’t boast much of the dexterous wordplay we got from JJ Ries in “Check Your System,” instead he relies on the general quality of his voice to keep the song moving.

“Blondie” is a solid track that would fit right in among my playlist of early 2000s rock tracks about hot girls, which always has room for more company.

“Blondie” is 7/10 track about that 10/10 blonde in your life.


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