Thursday Throwback Track: Week Two

Welcome to my new Thursday segments, Thursday Throwback Track of the Day! Each Thursday, check back to The Indie Sound for my Thursday Throwback song pick from all eras and genres. Prepare for nostalgia to hit like a ton of bricks.

Here we are again with another Valentine’s Day-themed track. Starting Week 2 is “Fell In Love with a Girl” by the now-dissolved Detroit duo, The White Stripes. Jack White, I still love you. Check out the video below:

Facts About the Song:

Composed of singer/guitarist Jack White and his ex-wife Meg White, The White Stripes WERE (cue the tears) a two-piece rock group that blended Jack’s fiery guitar licks and vocals with the simplistic pounding of Meg’s drums. Along their career, they’ve expanded upon this punk-esque, quick jam style from their 1999 debut album into a tour-de-force of sound that includes Jack’s shrieking vocals, slide guitar, old-time country twang, fuzzy keyboards, piano, and the ever-present childlike thump of Meg’s drums. Without a doubt their most well-known hit is the “college football anthem,” AKA “Seven Nation Army,” AKA baaa-da-da da-da-daaaaa-daaaaa. I hope you all can sing that little ditty in your heads.  

“Fell In Love With a Girl,” coming in with a length of one minute and 50 seconds, is one of the duo’s most popular hits. Featured on the 2001 album White Blood Cells, this quick burst of a song can be heard in the Academy Award-winning movie Silver Linings Playbook and during an advertisement for BBC Radio 6 Music. At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2002, the song’s video won Best Special Effects, Breakthrough Video and Best Editing. Pretty impressive for a video featuring a bunch of kid’s toys.

What Makes this Song Such a Great Throwback?

Speaking of the music video, it’s made entirely of Lego blocks that are shifted around to imitate Jack, Meg and their environment. ENTIRELY OF LEGOS! Watch closely to the stop-motion video and marvel in the amount of skill it takes to create little Lego figures that represent Jack and Meg that accurately.

Even more interesting about the video, the director of the video was found all by accident. According to an interview shown in The Work of Director Michel Gondry DVD, Jack thought that “Fell In Love With a Girl’s” video director, Michel Gondry, had actually produced Beck’s “Devils Haircut” video. In reality, the director was Mark Romanek, but the record company had hired Gondry by mistake. Luckily for Gondry, Jack had enjoyed his previous directing skills with Beck’s video for “Deadweight.” The rest is history.

Aside from the awesome video, the track is a throwback to the heyday of The White Stripes, right at the peak of their commercial success. It’s what the two are known and loved for; in-your-face riffs that are as catchy as they are rambunctious, all emphasized by Meg’s beats. White Blood Cells is also an amazing album, with my personal favorite The White Stripes song, “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground,” kicking off the album. Other great tracks include “Hotel Yorba,” “We’re Going to Be Friends,” and “Little Room.” Check it out my favorite track below.

Where are they now?

After White Blood Cells, the band released Elephant (2003), Get Behind Me Satan (2005) and Icky Thump (2007). As mentioned earlier, The White Stripes called it a day in February 2011 after a hiatus that followed the release of Icky Thump, a completed Canadian tour and an attempted American tour, cut short by Meg’s struggled with acute anxiety. In regards to the Canadian tour, a concert film that catalogued their journey to each province, Under Great White Northern Lights, made its way out in 2009. While Meg has reportedly remarried and settled down, Jack has still been pressing onwards.

Aside from his work with The Raconteurs and most recently with The Dead Weather, who just released their third album, Dodge and Burn (2015), Jack has largely become a solo artist. Utilizing different backing bands on each album and tour, he released Blunderbuss in 2012, following up the album with Lazaretto in 2014. Most recently, Jack had joined the upstart of Jay Z’s streaming service, TIDAL,  collaborated with watch manufacturer Shinola to open up a retail shop in Detroit and opened a second record store in his home city, Cass Corridor, which boasts its soon-to-be-completed record pressing plant. Jack owns another record store, Third Man Records, in Nashville, Tennessee.

That’s all for Week 2! Catch you later.

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