Album Review: This Is An Adventure by The Lighthouse and the Whaler

I was listening to The Griswolds radio on Google Music and immediately thought that the band was a unique cross between Of Monsters and Men and maybe a little Passion Pit. I decided to look into the band a little bit more to discover that they are from Cleveland, Ohio (close to me!).


The Lighthouse and the Whaler consists of ┬áMichael LoPresti (vocals), Matthew LoPresti (drums), Mark Poro (who according to the band’s website plays the mandolin, guitar, violin, piano, and glockenspiel…whatever that is..), and Ryan Walker (bass). The band’s album This Is An Adventure was released in September of 2012, and their music has been described by MTV as, “really cool melodic folk-rock… and a live show you’ve got to check out for yourself.”

Definitely listen to this album, key tracks are: “Chromatic”, “Venice”, “We’ve Got the Most”.


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