The Diverse Ear: 2017 MTV VMAs Recap

The 2017 VMA’s aired this past Sunday, and it was definitely an interesting show. Here are some highlights from the night.

The pre-show consisted of performances from a few up-and comers, who have not yet received the privilege to blaze the main stage.

Originally a reality show T.V Star, Cardi B. has been blazing the hip-hop airways with her hit ‘Bodak Yellow”. After weeks climbing, her hit reached the number 3 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! Inching closer and closer to the number one spot which has been occupied by the Spanglish chart-topper “Despacito”.

Khalid also performed his hit “Location” at the pre-show. Later in the show, he won the “Moonman” for Best New Artist, beating out Julia Michaels, SZA, and Noah Cyrus.

Kendrick Lamar opened the actual show with an exhilarating performance of “DNA” and “HUMBLE.” accompanied by the signature Kendrick pyrotechnics. He also took home “Video Of The Year” award for his video for “HUMBLE.”

Host Katy Perry, fresh from her recent album release Witness, opened the show flying in on stage in an astronaut suit, following the shows space theme.

She began the show with a slew of jokes, that in my opinion, really weren’t funny. If you were paying attention to her colleagues faces in the audience, you could assume that they felt the same way. Ellen, who is normally a jovial person, and has hosted Perry many times on her show, looked very unamused and didn’t try to hide it.

Chance The Rapper also became a meme on twitter due to his “blah, please stop” looks.

Best New Artist runner-up Julia Michaels, got the chance to grace the main stage in a dazzling red short dress. Even though her performance was montaged into the commercial break, we got to hear a few lines from the smash song.

She sounded a bit, nervous and shaky, as she does often. I’ll give her her the benefit of the doubt considering she’s new at this, and because I love her a lot.

What would the VMA’s be without the spice of controversy?

It’s a known fact that pop princesses, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are, as the kids say, “beefing”. I guess this all started when someone stole someone’s backup dancers for tour, and ever since then it hasn’t ended.

When Katy Perry released her last LP, on the same night, Taylor Swift decided to make all of her coveted music available on all streaming sites, how nice was that of her. Some think she did that to overshadow Perry’s release.

You may remember the hit, “Bad Blood”, allegedly that was about Perry. So it wasn’t really a surprise that the producers loved the idea of premiering Swift’s new music video for her new single “Look What You Made Me Do”, during the show.

Some believe the song is directed at Katy, but after listening it sounds like it’s directed at Kanye West, and we all know what happened with them. I heard it through the grapevine, that while the audience, and America watched the video premiere, Perry was nowhere to be found.

Fifth Harmony also took a dig at their former member, Camila Cabello. The group began their performance with five women on stage with their heads down. Once the music began, one of the women fell off the stage. I suppose this was their way of telling the world that they were OK, and better.

The performance on the choreography side was very strong, but as far as vocally it was a bit weak. The ladies decided to sing live, which is not something they always do. Maybe this is why.

The group went on to win the Best Pop Video award for their music video “Down”. So maybe the ladies are doing better.

Jared Leto delivered a heartwarming tribute to the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and in my opinion it was rather short.

There was a rather unusual performance from Lorde. Well every performance from Lorde is peculiar, but in this one she did not sing at all she just danced around the stage to her song, “Homemade Dynamite”.

It came out later via twitter that she had the flu but wanted to perform anyways.

Alesia Cara won the award for Best Beat The System Song for her hit, “Scars to Your Beautiful”. She also gave a very moving performance of the song, encouraging listeners to be proud of who they are and change for no one.

P!nk was honored with the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, presented by Ellen Degeneres, which was given to Cher in the previous year.

She performed a medley of her greatest hits, consisting of “So What”, “Raise Your Glass”, “Get The Party Started”, and her new single, “What About Us”.

P!nk gave a moving acceptance speech, dedicated to her daughter that dealt with accepting yourself no matter what.

Highlight of The Night

If you would have asked me before Sunday night who Logic was I would’ve said, “a new EDM artist”. Turns out he is a rapper, and a pretty good one. He was introduced by Ke$ha, who spoke about mental health awareness.

He performed his new single titled, “1-800-273-8255”, Alessia Cara, and Khalid, who are featured on the song, joined him. The title doubles as the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. A large group of suicide survivors joined Logic on stage.

The performance encouraged listeners, letting them know that they are not alone in their struggles. The performance already had me a little emotional, but then Logic broke into a beautiful speech about equality, and I shed a few tears, because despite all the horrible things happening in our society, he really shined a light.

DNCE performed a rendition of “If you Think I’m Sexy” and Rod Stewart showed up! It was live from The Palms hotel in Las Vegas, and it was nothing short of amazing.

Katy Perry ended the show with a very animated performance of her single, “Swish Swish” and it featured Nicki Minaj. She flew threw the air, and there were lots, and lots of balls.


All in all, I definitely have seen worse VMA shows, but at the same time, I have seen better. I believe the show was written on the corny side, but the performances were pretty dope, and there were some very important positive messages that were expressed, so all in all, it was a great show!

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