The Diverse Ear: Aly & AJ Are Back in the ’80s?

Aly & AJ,  “Take Me”, Aly & AJ Music LLC

Aly & AJ

Genre: Alternative Pop

If you like: HAIM, CHVRCHES, and Paramore

Bring on the nostalgia.

Do you remember Aly & AJ, the Disney Channel acting and singing duo who also happened to be sisters? Alyson Michalka and Amanda Joy Michalka have been in the business for years originally releasing music music under the Disney umbrella via Hollywood Records.

They released three studio albums on Hollywood Records before departing and renaming themselves, 78Violet. I assume they did this because Hollywood Records owned their premium name.

During this time of re-branding they tried hard to pump some new tunes out, but they only officially released one song for the Hellcats television show soundtrack. The group went kind of silent, dropping hints of projects on social media but not producing anything, until now.

The duo is back with their original name, Aly and AJ, and they have independently released a new single titled “Take Me”.

The track boasts with alt-pop vibes which is new for the sisters. It seems that they have successfully found a way to rebrand their sound without losing their signature name.

It has been ten years since we have heard anything from them, but this bop could really guarantee them a spot in today’s ever-so changing market. Some artists who had success in the early 2000’s often have a hard time adapting to the climate of today’s industry, but Aly and AJ have proven with this song that they can do it gracefully.

The new single “Take Me” takes me back to the ’80s with cool synths, vintage vocal processing, and cool electronic kit drums. The song is about wanting the person you like to make a move, and the anxiousness that pairs with that.

So much talking, swear that’s all you ever do/Show me something before I show something to you/When you gonna take me out?/Make a move and make it now.

I’m loving these new vibes, and I know other listeners will also.

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