The 1975 Covers Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” in BBC’s Live Lounge

In midst of the excitement surrounding their upcoming album, The 1975 took to BBC Radio’s Live Lounge to do a very true-to-self cover of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

The melodic synths, harmonic saxophone, syncopated rhythms, and Matt Healy’s ever so raw voice combine to make a very unique twist to Bieber’s popular hit. The cover takes on an electronic pop-jazz approach. The 1975’s new sound seems to be more mainstream pop than the content on their first self-titled album, but this cover of a mainstream hit goes to show that they still have unique techniques and qualities to bring to the table with a more mainstream sound. The men continue to showcase small hints and tastes of their anticipated second studio album.

(Featured Image PC: BBC Radio 1)

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