Synth-pop band CHVRCHES release new single “Never Ending Circles”

The band responsible for 2013’s The Bones Of What We Believe with hits like “The Mother We Share” and “Recover” are back with another single off of their much anticipated sophomore release Every Open Eye due out September 25th.

Photo Courtesy of Stereogum
Photo Courtesy of Stereogum

CHVRCHES consists of lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook on synths, guitar, bass, and vocals, and Martin Doherty on synths, samplers, and vocals.

Their debut album impressed me when I first gave it a listen, “The Mother We Share” and “Recover” were a perfect introduction into CHVRCHES synth-pop sound. Mayberry’s unique vocals only add to the electrifying beats and powerful sound the band uses to create their iconic sound.

A few weeks ago, the Scottish band released the first single off of their sophomore album Every Open Eye titled “Leave A Trace”. The track is more indie pop than anything, but still manages to include the sound associated with CHVRCHES every time. “Leave A Trace” is more of a dance-able track than anything we’ve heard in the past.

Their latest release, “Never Ending Circles”, is a catchy, up-beat track which outlines Mayberry’s powerful vocals as she harmonizes with the repetitive beat in the background. I can definitely see this track leveling out with “Leave A Trace” and I’m really looking forward to see if Every Open Eye will live up to its expectations.

You can check out CHVRCHES on iTunes and Amazon. You can also stream their stuff below.

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