Album Review: Strange Desire by Bleachers

I honestly think that it was a strange desire that drove this band to make this album.

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Bleachers started as a side project by Jack Antonoff, the guitarist for the band fun. Jack formed the band in secret while on tour with fun. and released the single “I Wanna Get Better” this year before announcing several tour dates and the album release date.

The single itself really wasn’t that appealing to me, it honestly sounded like he was singing into a really old PA system, when the chorus occurs it seems to actually get better…nope that’s the only good part. The song needs to get better.


The album itself sounded very monotonous and bland, Jack Antonoff’s lyrics were very amateur and I couldn’t get into it. Bleachers try to add an electronic sound to some of the songs, but it really just doesn’t fit in.

The featured artists on two of the songs couldn’t even help the album sound better, Yoko Ono (Really??) belts out the chorus in “I’m Ready To Move On/Wild Heart Reprise”, I tried not to cringe. Grimes is featured in “Take Me Away”, but really only says four words, twice. That’s it. It’s understandable that it’s a side project and the band is trying something new, but it seems as if they are trying a bit too hard.

The music lacks that thing, that special aspect that draws the listener in, there was only one song that I enjoyed and it was ironically the last song on the album: “Who I Want You to Love”. The track had a catchy relaxing beat with amazing acoustic guitar riffs. The end of the song incorporates string instruments with a great bass and guitar solo as well, finishing it off with a beautiful piano solo.

Other than that, there was nothing that caught my attention.

I would strongly recommend you stay away from this one, it definitely disappointed me.


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