Stööki Sound: Preshow Interview & Feature

Continuing their mission of “pushing everything forward to new fronts and hoping to make an imprint,” the UK trap music duo that is Stööki Sound will be continuing their 2016 US tour in Columbus, Ohio at the Newport Music Hall on February 2nd.


Four years ago, a mutual friend connected innovators Jamal and Luke through the conversation of music; and thus Stööki Sound was born. Since then, the two have done four or five tours around Europe and are now on a tour through the United States. Having played all over, the question was raised about the variety of crowds within a trap setting. What Jamal had to say was that “the crowd definitely varies. One consistent thing is the energy in the crowd. For example, in the Ukraine, everyone came out and had a good time and had good energy. It’s consistent that everyone comes out to turn up.”

The two thoroughly enjoy venues in Shanghai and Red Rocks in Colorado, which has booked artists from The Beatles to Joe Bonamassa to A$AP Rocky & Tyler, the Creator. The two have made it a near-future goal to play in a festival setting since their sound “sounds like it would work well with (festival) lineups.”

Jamal and Luke are also working on a new EP. The two say they “didn’t want to just put together a compilation of good tracks or ones we produced- we wanted to make our own sound. Our sound has matured quite a way- wanting to keep originality, but still wanting to expand. We want to make a new project for quality control, more new music and less compilations of tracks.” The pair hope that the new EP will innovate their sound a little more, while hoping to change people’s perspective of trap music in London.

Stööki Sound is trying to “push through boundaries, walls and obstacles in the UK music scene with our material.” When asked about the scene in London, the two replied that there really isn’t one. It “has been very tough for us to crack London with our kind of sound. Trap music has a misconception in the UK and it has been difficult to make people realize that this view is not true.” Given the circumstances and their passion and pride in what they do, the two said that they are “not influenced by any particular artist, but rather certain sounds in general: rap, US electronic/rap trap.” The two have been creating their own distinct sound to separate themselves from the masses.

rsz_stookisound_pressshots_jennicamaephoto_jennicaabrams2015-2Stööki Sound’s main goal is to “get bigger and better this year,” continuing these hopes by playing with Keys N Krates and Jesse Slayter at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio (7pm EST).


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