Soul Step Records release SSR019 with Poncé

Cincinnati independent vinyl label Soul Step Records is back making waves with another release, a seven inch record from Poncé.


Hailing from Nashville, Poncé is an indie pop duo with a strong sense of classic melodies with a modern sound.

The 45” single will primarily be released in a stunning “neon lights pink” variant, which are limited to 100 and are available to purchase by subscribers at April 17, or to the general public on April 24.

Two extremely limited Wax Mage variants will be available as well, which include the funky “Ninja Turtle” and gorgeous “Artists’ Palette.”


Out of the four singles that Poncé has released in 2017, side A features “Surrender to the Night” and side B features “Elevator.”

The tracks were recorded at the legendary Sound Emporium in Nashville, home to albums like Alabama Shakes’ Sound & Color and R.E.M.’s Document. The fracks were also produced by Marcus Garceau.

“Surrender to the Night,” showcasing a twinkly synth and sparkly guitars, describes a young love scene on a dancefloor, focusing on taking risks and letting go of hesitations. The theme and anthemic sound are reminiscent of WALK THE MOON’s “Shut Up and Dance.”

“Elevator” has a crunchy rhythm guitar and sweeping lead, lyrically following a metaphor of being stuck in the elevator, trying to get back to the way things were.


Both tunes are immensely memorable and fun, and the neon lights pink variant will capture this perfectly on everyone’s turntable.

To purchase the limited wax, subscribe to Soul Step, or hear the tracks, visit

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