Soul Step Records Release SSR-020 “Purple Reign” Tribute Pressing

Soul Step Records is teaming back up with Nashville’s Republican Hair to provide an homage to the late and great Prince and David Bowie with a limited edition pressing.

The latest 45 is titled “The Prince and the Duke” and features the songs “Miss Prince” and “Constellation”, both of which are performed by Republican Hair and pay tribute to the two musical legends.

Nashville’s Republican Hair showed up on one of Soul Step’s Cincinnati Brewers Series pressings alongside Cincinnati local natives Sylmar with “I Don’t Care”. This time around, the cryptic band have taken up the flamboyant musicality of The Cars, Devo, The Clash, and The Talking Heads in order to provide listeners with a unique salute to The Purple One and The Thin White Duke.

The limited-to-100 variant, aptly named “Purple Reign,” gives off a tantalizing translucent purple hue that under light reveals bursts of deep pink, white and blue colors. Being a limited edition vinyl pressing, Soul Step will NOT re-press this masterpiece once it sells out.

Luckily, The Indie Sound is teaming up with Soul Step Records and Republican Hair to give our readers the opportunity to win one special copy. Check our social media page for details and keep an eye out for another great pressing from Soul Step Records.

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