Song of the Week: Talk is Cheap by Chet Faker

built_on_glassThis week’s song takes a bit of an electronic twist to it.

The song begins with a sax solo (yes, a saxophone) that sets the tone for the mellow sound of the track; smooth vocals from Nicholas James Murphy (aka Chet Faker) harmonize perfectly with the electro-bass beat and the sax playing in the background. If you listen to the song, or the album, just prepare to feel really really relaxed. It’s impossible to feel anything less.

“Talk is Cheap” comes off of Chet Faker’s debut album Built on Glass which was released in April of last year, it’s also the lead single. The Australian singer/songwriter reminds me of a more jazz/electronic version of RY X, many of the songs heard on Built on Glass exhibit that mellow sound that I can’t seem to get enough of. Chet Faker relies on guitars, keyboards, basically anything he can find to create that unique, chill, relaxing sound.

Faker obtained popularity with the release of his EP Thinking in textures back in 2012, his most popular song being the cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” with an added Chet Faker twist. The song received tons of positive reviews which eventually allowed Faker to begin to release more and more music, including Built on Glass in 2014.

I believe that this artist isn’t as popular as he should be, and I can definitely see him climbing the charts sometime soon. If 461823-1247-7you need something relaxing to listen to, look no further. Faker’s relaxing vocals will make sure to wind you down after a long day.

You can listen to “Talk is Cheap” here, check out his album on iTunes and Amazon.

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