The Diverse Ear: Savannah Sgro Releases “I Smell Rain”

Earlier last week, I found out Savannah Sgro, a friend I follow, was releasing a single, her first single at that.

I had to take a listen, and boy was I surprised.

I know Savannah Sgro through some mutual friends in Nashville, but I have never met her. I can tell from her socials that she is a songwriter and I have heard her voice a few times, but never any originals.

The single is titled “I Smell Rain” and it’s so gorgeous! The simple ethereal production, angelic vocals, and story painted lyrics all come together to make a beautiful piece. I feel so calm while listening to this song … like everything’s gonna be ok in life.


Hallelujah, the drops run down my ace/Hallelujah, they fall like amazing grace/Hallelujah, oh darling we are saved/Cause I smell rain.

What I took from the song is that the narrator is in a very dry place in her life. She sings in the verses about how she has been hoping for rain.

“Summer’s been a scorcher, the fields have all runs dry. Everybody’s praying for water from the sky.”

When the song goes into the first chorus, she sings about smelling rain and you can almost feel the drops of water. I don’t believe the song is literally about rain, I think it’s about being at a point in life where things just seem very, bleh. At times like this you may feel like giving up, but hold on because relief and a better day is coming.

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