Review: The Search for Everything – Wave One by John Mayer

Coming off of a four-year hiatus, during which John Mayer toured with Dead & Company, the king of soft rock has returned to his throne with the January 20 wave one release of The Search for Everything. This being the first EP since his full length country-influenced Paradise Valley released in 2013.

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Getting back to his roots, The Search For Everything – Wave One calls on a lot of similar music styles reflective of the singer’s early 2000s material, bringing about many feelings of nostalgia.

In this volatile world of music, artists are constantly driving creativity and looking for new ways to stay relevant. Mayer ditched all traditional album models and decided to release it in waves of 4 songs at a time, each month, until the album is complete.

According to Mayer himself, “there were too many songs to ever get out the door at once.”

So Mayer fans, rejoice. It looks like we’re about to get spoiled with tons of new music.

The first song “Moving On and Getting Over” features smooth jazz melodies reminiscent of the old Mayer. I was instantly hooked by the rhythmic, swinging notes, and stayed for the mellow harmonies that followed. This was a track that you could truly groove to, and arguably my favorite one of the four.

In the second track, “Changing,” the style sways a little more on the country side, drawing on some of the twang we heard in the previous two albums, Paradise Valley and Born and Raised.

I was skeptical of this song at first, as I was not a fan of those albums, nor am I a big fan of country, but the track then leads into one of those classic Mayer-esque soul-wrenching guitar solos, and I was right back.

The third track, “Love on the Weekend,” is the long-distance relationship anthem. Mayer always knows the exact words to hit you where it hurts. This smooth, romantic song tells a modern love story over a feel-good melody, sure to send you into a “serotonin overload.”

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Wave one’s closing song, “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” Mayer takes a break from his exquisite guitar skills and gifts our ears with a smooth piano ballad. He shows off the range in his voice during this one, singing at an octave higher than we are used to, but totally nails it.

The tone of his voice enhances the sweetness of the song while complementing the soft sound of the piano beautifully.

This can go without saying, but Mayer’s lyricism is utterly genius and has the capability to move a grown man to tears, per usual.

After getting a little taste of the album, I cannot wait to hear what comes next. I imagine that this is what Mayer intended with this “wave” idea, which fully restores my faith in this business model.

Be on the lookout for wave two in February!



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