Review: John Mayer concludes his ‘Search for Everything’ with a full-length release

John Mayer finally completed his ‘Search for Everything’ by giving us the last dose of his solo comeback album.

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Two days prior to the album’s release, he performed a legendary show at the Schottenstein Center in the capital city where a second encore brought Ohio’s own Dave Chappelle to the stage.

The two reflected on their friendship, Prince and paid tribute to the late Charlie Murphy, who had passed earlier that day.

Mayer performed a beautiful rendition of “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me” in memory of Charlie Murphy. Chappelle sat opposite of Mayer as he played the delicate tune on a pure white piano.

It was an unforgettable evening that I didn’t want to end, but the release of his album in its entirety just two days later softened the closure of this fleeting memory.

The Search For Everything  topped off its track listing with three more songs, “In the Blood” “Never on the Day You Leave” and “Rosie.” Mayer also recorded a “theme song” for the album,  although this track appears mid-album as an interlude rather than the opener.

“In the Blood,” my favorite of the full-length release, is a song in which Mayer questions if the type of love he knows he wants is unattainable because of who he is as a person.

In this personal reflection of the self, Mayer explores the actions and relationships of his immediate family as he tries to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes him incapable of a healthy and prosperous love.

“Never on the Day You Leave” is a melodic ballad where Mayer delves into the subject of abandoned love. The soft piano accompanies Mayer’s polished voice as he grapples with feelings of regret.

“Rosie” takes on more of that bluesy feel that Mayer experiments with throughout the album. He paints the narrative of himself getting too drunk and showing up at his ex’s door, again expressing that longing for a lost relationship. A relationship that he seems to be at fault for losing.

Overall, the album was a cohesive collection of Mayer’s truth and emotional lyricism. Although he touched on many melancholic themes, such as heartbreak, his songs somehow made you feel better.

I personally enjoyed the way he released the album. Rolling it out in three distinct waves (Wave One Review) gave fans the opportunity to really get to know his songs and understand the depth of what exactly it was that he was feeling (Wave Two Review). It was definitely quite the journey and I’m so happy that he decided to take us along.


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