Promowest Fest Headliner Review: Modest Mouse

The sound of a swarm of bees welcomed the closing headliner of the inaugural PromoWest Fest onto the stage. The eight-member indie group that is Modest Mouse, extremely famous for their hit “Float On,” led the fans in an angsty jam session with their quirky yet edgy sound.

After killing their opening song, with a pick stuck to his sweaty forehead, lead singer Isaac Brook stated, “I have a fucking ear infection and can’t hear a thing. So, I don’t really know if you guys are liking this or not. Can’t hear shit.” Don’t worry Isaac, what we heard had nothing but positive feedback.

The light show did a magnificent job of animating┬áthe group’s funky and sporadic sound that makes them so unique. It also made the show that much more enjoyable to dance to. The dedicated fans in the crowd also made the set that much more enjoyable. Shouts to the girl to my left with the bad ass arm tattoo that did not hold back during any song. Also, shouts to the girl behind me with the curly hair that knew every single word to every single song. You guys fucking killed the show yourselves and made the experience of seeing Modest Mouse that much more enjoyable.

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Playing old and new hits, bringing out cornets, a banjo, and a euphonium- there was a twist to every single song they performed, which kept the audience on their toes. “Bury Me With It” and “Float On” came and went and stole my angsty little heart right from my chest. The crowd was moving and grooving, but the real intensity did not hit until the second to last song. Then, the rush came, and three girls in our area alone were escorted from the premises for crowd surfing. Plus, Cory and I had to carry this dude that passed out in front of us over the barricade to the security guards. Shouts to that guy- if you ever read this, I hope you feel better.

At that particular point, as much as I had enjoyed the concert, I was a little sad that Modest Mouse neglected to play my favorite song of theirs: “World at Large.” However, with my arms in the air, I let out a giant scream to let the crowd know that the closing song was in fact “World at Large.” I could not have been anymore there in that moment.

With the sound of the swarm of bees escorting the band off stage, the members took a bit of a smoke break before coming back on stage for an encore. Even though I see Modest Mouse being the festival’s opening headliner and the Flaming Lips more or less as the closing headliner for aesthetic purposes, Modest Mouse was everything my angsty little heart had hoped and waited all day for.


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