PromoWest: Exclusive Interview with Nick D’ and the Believers

We sat down with Nick D’ and the Believers at PromoWest Fest this past weekend.  Check out our interview below!

The Indie Sound: How did you guys come together and decide to start making music?

#1:  Joseph moved to town from Minneapolis and we started hanging out.  I was in school to be a teacher at the time, and I just kind of had an epiphany moment.  I needed to start a band and make it happen.

I was at a concert and had a heart to heart with my uncle. He pushed me with a “you gotta go for this” kind of thing.  I called Joseph the next day and was like, “hey man we gotta start a band”.

TIS:  What are your guys’ influences?

#1:  When we first started, we talked a lot of The Black Keys, especially the album Brothers. Fleetwood Mac is talked about a lot in the studio.  The classics, you know, The Beatles and Bob Dylan, the ’60s.

TIS:  How did you guys get within the festival lineup at the A&R?

#1:  I guess they reached out to us.  I think what was supposed to happen was there was gonna be another stage on another street, but the city didn’t give them permits.  Initially, we were gonna be on that stage, but after it got shut down, we moved to A&R music bar for the after party.  We’re just really honored to be part of the festival.  We played the Yaeger stage last year at Fashion Meets Music, and they brought us shots on stage.

TIS:  I interviewed Nick about Doc Robinson.  Do any of you also have side projects?

#3:  We all love music and to play and write songs.  I’ve been in a band with my wife for years.  We met these two guys, and we’ve been playing with them since February.  We play as much music with as many people as we can.

#1:  “It’s nice to scratch itches and experiment with sounds and take that back to everything you’re doing.”

#2:  As a band, you can only put out so much each year.

#1:  When you’re in a band where you’re trying to release everything right, it can take six months to a year to release it.

TIS: What are your plans for the future?

#2:  We’re supposed to release a music video.  We have an EP coming out later this year.

#1:  We have a brand new song tonight.  You always love the newest stuff the most.  You’re most excited to play it.

#2:  We like to have something new out every other month or so to keep us engaged and to keep fans engaged.

#1:  We have an ambitious idea for our next EP, which is an eight song EP that tells one narrative and has a video accompanied with it.  Kind of like Lemonade.  I swear we had this idea before that came out.

TIS:  Anything else you’d like to add?

#2: Go Cavs!

#1:  September 16th, we’ll be putting out our new EP here in Columbus at A&R bar.  We’ll be having a big release then.


You can check out their latest track, “Crown,” on Spotify below.

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