Premiere: Captiva release music video for “Road To Ruin”

Missouri-based Captiva released its first ever single last year. Now, the upbeat, Captiva-esque track is getting some visuals to accompany the breakout hit.

captiva (3)

Director Michael A. Coleman brings Captiva’s story to life through the eyes of an unfortunate character, Max the Magician, who ends up going down the “road to ruin.”

The music video follows Max through a supposed relationship with a woman, but with time the relationship begins to deteriorate, and we, the viewers, begin to see Max’s abrupt shift from happy magician to a heartbroken lover.

This visual in its entirety flows along smoothly with the song itself. The guitars convey the same despair depicted in Max’s face when he realizes what was happening and the upbeat tempo seems to dictate how desperate Max is to get back to what he had before. That may not be the case, but the video communicates the song’s message in a creative and slightly vintage format that adds to “Road to Ruin’s” overall charm.

Captiva have been known to tell some guitar-driven stories that fuel the band’s music further in the long run. For example, the band’s unique use of tempo change on the track “Sometimes,” allows the listener to understand the true meaning of the song: a drug high that eventually transitions into a low.

For a band just starting out and trying to make its way into the scene, Captiva have managed to gain the attention of not only its local scene in Kansas City, Missiouri, but beyod that, gaining some coverage overseas in the UK.

In the next year, the band is returning to the studio to remaster its debutĀ Basement Creations. For now, you can stream Captiva’s debut EP below and check them out on their website here.

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