Portland-based Melville is Quickly On The Rise

Hailing from Portland, Melville is a band on the rise.

Melville consists of four men: Ryan T. Jacobs (songwriter/lead vocalist/guitar/keys/synth/etc.), Ryan Aughenbaugh, (bass), Dan Bacon (lead guitar/keys) and Juan Felipe (drums).

Jacobs lived in Germany for seven years and took up songwriting to pass the time when he first moved there, taking the opportunity of being far away from home to relish in this newfound talent without the worry of being judged by people he knew.

However, Jacobs wanted to expand his singer/songwriter talents by starting a band, and he knew the only way to do that was to return home to Portland – thus, Melville was born.

Although Jacobs remains the only original member of Melville, the band has performed a number of live shows, released a new single titled “Televised,” and is about to release an album titled The New Zero in which The Indie Sound will be doing an exclusive review (so keep an eye out!).

Melville has a number of inspirations including Spoon, Father John Misty, Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, Fleet Foxes, Ryan Adams, Tom Petty and The War On Drugs to name a few. They recorded their upcoming album “The New Zero” with Portland producer, Gregg Williams (Blitzen Trapper, Dandy Warhols, Sheryl Crow), and Paul Gold (The War On Drugs, Grizzly Bear). 

The band’s goals range from receiving a “THAT’s how you do it” from Jimmy Fallon after playing on The Tonight Show to simply becoming better musicians over time.

Ultimately, Melville wishes to tour their upcoming album, “The New Zero,” all over the west coast and potentially across the country. Although they have a head start already on their next album, one of Melville’s largest goals is to continue to open for national acts starting with opening for Collective Soul this summer. However, the band simply wants to grow as musicians and collaborators in hopes of one day becoming full-time musicians.

The New Zero debuts August 18.

The New Zero: a chance to shape what comes next. We can no longer influence the past, but the present is ours to be molded and defined. The aftermath of what comes our way is malleable and there is always The New Zero.


Melville’s Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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