Album Review: Party Scars by Sunken Monkey

Brit-punk rockers Sunken Monkey’s sophomore album Party Scars is set to release October 6th. They gave me the opportunity to listen to the album before it released and it was actually pretty good.


The band’s sound reminds me of a cross between blink-182, The Clash, and Sum 41. A classic punk rock band with interesting lyrics and songs that are fueled by funny stories and stories of tragedy that the band members have experienced (which are quite funny I might add).

Sunken Monkey consists of Spindle on the guitar/vocals, Rob on the guitar, Hendy on the drums, and Adam on bass. The band started in 2009 and released their self-titled album under Bumface Records. After several changes in the lineup, the band finally settled and decided to work on their second album Party Scars. The album features guitar riffs and catchy chorus’ that actually pulled me in, regardless of the fact that I don’t listen to much punk rock anymore. The band actually made the music enjoyable.

Photo Courtesy of Sunken Monkey's Bandcamp
Photo Courtesy of Sunken Monkey’s Bandcamp

I really would recommend giving this band a chance even if you don’t listen to punk, you might be surprised by what you hear.

What I really liked was the quote that bassist Adam Stephenson gave me,

“We don’t conform to the stereotype of singing punk rock in fake American accents, having silly hairstyles, or worrying about our image. We just get on with doing what we love.”

Any band that fulfills that goal of doing what they love is bound to have a great career. Key tracks that I enjoyed were “Red Raw Stump”, “Party Scars”, and “Never Look Back” (which includes an epic guitar solo). Make sure to check out Sunken Monkey’s self-titled album on their website and keep an eye out for Party Scars this October.

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