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Yellow Days, the musical project of George van den Broek, caught my attention with the debut release Is Everything Okay in Your World? — a moody, guitar-centered record that blends elements of blues and psychedelia that tell stories through a personal lens.

Yellow Days // PC: Alem Do Roteiro

The record coasts by, throwing out a mellow sound full of excessive reverb and stretched out croons from the young British musician.

Blues isn’t the only genre we hear throughout the record, either. Elements of jazz sneak into the cracks of songs like “The Tree I Climb” featuring jazz musician Nick Walters. It’s subtle aspects such as these that add to the record’s overall charm. Every song smoothly transitions to the next, almost as if you’re mimicking a stoner’s daydream.

You hear heartbreak on “Tired”, the only instrument keeping you from drowning in your own self-pity being the sounds of a faint keyboard and the slow ride of the snare drum.

“Hurt in Love” starts with the lyric, “As I lay in the confines of my own mind…” Something that I think perfectly encompasses the record’s theme: being lost in one’s thoughts. It’s about floating through the thought processes and trying to find a solution. There’s a cool breakdown at the 3:30 mark, too.

All-in-all, the record is impressive. Prior to giving this a listen I made sure to dive into Yellow Days’ 2016 Harmless Melodies EP and I fell in love. Electric blues for the modern age with a twist is the best way to describe the artists’ sound, a sound you’ll no doubt latch onto from start to finish.

Standout Tracks: “Lately I (ft. Rejjie Snow)”, “I’ve Been Thinking Too Hard”, “Hurt in Love”, “The Tree I Climb (ft. Nick Walters)”, “Tired”

Stream Harmless Melodies and Is Everything Okay In Your World? on Spotify below:

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