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For Fans Of: Tame Impala, Pond, Hoops

Tuska is a psychedelic rock duo that mesmerize with smooth bass riffs and guitar-centered melodies that take you back to Tame Impala’s Lonerism days.

PC: Tuska

The band comes out of Brighton and consists of members Richard Sturges and Rob Weaver.

The two popped up on my radar after listening to the band’s single “Da Da Da”, a song that lacks a ton of lyrics but packs a punch in the way that it combines synth elements, heavy guitar and riding drum rhythms to pull the listener in.

I was hooked from the start and I still can’t get enough.

The band released a three song EP titled S.E.P which includes another great track “Brother” along with “Suck On Your Mind” and “Space Dreaming”. I don’t know a better way to describe the band than to compare the sound to the cover art on S.E.P.

The melodies soar and the vocals glide alongside with grace. You almost have to be spaced out in order to fully appreciate everything.

One of my favorite moments appears on “Suck On Your Mind” at the 2:40 mark. The sound filters out and slowly fades out, only to return full throttle a few seconds later. Closing the track off with a great guitar solo.

“Space Dreaming” reminds me a bit of Hoops. It has that lo-fi feel that differs from the other tracks on the record. Distant, but present in the best way. Again, if this EP doesn’t remind you of Lonerism, I don’t know what will.

I’m excited to see what the band puts out down the line, and how Tuska’s sound will evolve over time.

Standout Tracks: “Brother”, “Da Da Da”, “Suck On Your Mind”

Stream S.E.P on Spotify below:

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