Post Concert Review: Neon Pools and Cats with Nightmares

Unfortunately I’ve been away from an internet connection this entire holiday weekend and haven’t had the opportunity to post about the fantastic concert I attended last week.

If you’re reading this you are probably wondering what the heck the title for this post means. Well, to clarify, I got to go to the Neon Trees concert with the opening acts Smallpools and The Nightmare and the Cat…make a little more sense now? Sometimes I actually think I’m creative. Anyways more about this phenomenal concert.

The concert was at the Newport Music Hall which is close to The Ohio State University campus, rumors I had heard from several people told me that this venue was a dump, boy were they wrong. There was the pit and even a balcony…anywhere you sat was a good seat which surprised me.
The first band who opened was Nightmare and The Cat, a band I hadn’t really done research on until I saw they were an opening act. The band started out in London and started gaining popularity with Youtube covers. Soon enough they released Nightmare and The Cat EP in 2011 and Simple EP in 2013 when they signed with Capitol Records. The band did a few shows opening for their label mates Bastille, but then began touring with Neon Trees for their Pop Psychology Tour. To be completely honest I wasn’t really wowed by their performance,  their music was a little too dark for me. The only song I liked off of their Simple EP was the track “Alvarado” but even live I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it.
The second opening act was Smallpools, a band I’ve been listening to for about a year. I fell in love with this band the moment I started listening to them. Smallpools consists of Sean Scanlon (vocals), Mike Kammerman (guitar), Joseph Intile (bass), and Beau Kuther (drums). The band released their self – titled EP on July 16, 2013 under RCA records, the album immediately draws in the listener with the key track “Dreaming” (my absolute favorite) with a great beat that reminds you of summer. It’s one of those songs that you need to blast with the windows down. After the first track, the four song EP only gets better, leaving you wanting more. The band preformed all of the songs from the EP while also playing some new songs that they revealed was going to be on their new album that is expected to be released this year. If you have the time I definitely recommend checking this band out, a great mix of indie pop/rock that will blow you away.
Last but not least, Neon Trees. I had the opportunity to see these guys preform at the Maroon 5 concert a while back and I was blown away by their live performance. You can tell the band loves making music, they preform with so much ambiance and energy that it lights up the room. Neon Trees consists of vocalist Tyler Glenn, drummer Elaine Bradley, guitarist Chris Allen, ad bassist Brandon Campbell. Pop Psychology is the band’s third studio album and in my opinion their best album.
The intro to the show left me in awe, imagine a giant curtain hanging, the lights down low, shadows behind the curtain, the guitar riffs playing in the background….then the curtain drops, the show begins.
Tyler Glenn begins singing, his voice filling the room with harmonic notes and clever lyrics. A phenomenal entrance to a phenomenal show. I was so amazed by the performances that I didn’t realize I walked right by the lead singer of Smallpools…(you have no idea how sad I am about that). Take the time out to check out these bands, they’ve left me with a memory I’ll never forget.
Neon Trees
Pop Psychology
 Nightmare and The Cat’s “Simple EP”
Nightmare and the Cat
Smallpools self-titled EP

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