Music Video Review: “Loveless” by Lo Moon

Mysterious trio Lo Moon’s video for their sole track, “Loveless,” is a haunting portrait of time passed.

(From Left to Right:) Sam Stewart, Sterlin Laws, Matt Lowell, Cristana Baker                     PC: KINOFILIA

Lo Moon seemingly appeared out of nowhere late last year with their single, “Loveless;” still their only publicly released song. Despite their limited (though high quality) oeuvre, the group has already opened for the likes of The Temper Trap and MUNA—and it’s quite clear why.

“Loveless” is an epic, sweeping track. Its terse lyrics leave room for a vast soundscape to sweep the mind away. It simultaneously brings us back, pulls us forward, and lingers on the present. This video, directed by Warren Fu—who has collaborated with the likes of Snoop Dogg (!!!!), HAIM (!!!!), Daft Punk (!!!), and MOTHERFUCKING JULIAN GODDAMN CASABLANCAS (instant seal of approval)—conveys the airy flexibility of “Loveless” perfectly.

The split timelines blend seamlessly into one another. The contemplative moments on the beach juxtaposed with the trio in their car convey the experience of the song perfectly. The video does what all great music videos do—it heightens every aspect of the song, grants the band members a sense of identity, and provides a beautiful interpretation of the themes present.

The song’s focus on moments, people, and feelings long lost, and the ability of our memories to keep these ephemeral gems of living alive, permeate each frame.

One nitpick: why doesn’t the drummer get to be in the car? I’m aware Lo Moon is in its official capacity comprised of the trio Matt Lowell, Crisanta Baker, and Sam Stewart, but Sterlin Laws performs with the band at their live shows.

Yes, it’s very nice that he is featured in the video, and given a good amount of attention. I want more for my drummers, though; why can’t he be in the car? He could be wearing a zoot suit or pantyhose over his head. They could even Mr. Brown him and kill him before he gets back to the car, just put some pantyhose on the guy.

Regardless, the relationship between the trio seems fully genuine, and their creative collaboration has gifted us this gem of a song and video.

Hopefully, we receive a second song from them by the end of the year before they perform at Super Bowl LII, which will be on my birthday. Until then, tag yourself in the getaway car—I’m totally homemade Spring Breakers mask.

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