Album Review: Multiply by Ed Sheeran

The sophomore debut album Multiply or “X” by Ed Sheeran was released Monday this week (6/23/14).
You definitely notice a change in Sheeran’s style as you listen to X, but change is not always a bad thing.
Throughout Multiply, Sheeran shows signs of a maturing artist trying new things, an artist that has a lot more to offer than songs of heartbreak or catchy hits.
The album has it all, from songs that get stuck in our heads like the Pharell produced track “Sing”, to songs that instantly boost your mood like “Thinking Out Loud”. Sheeran communicates stories of heartbreak in songs like “Nina” and “Don’t” while also showing people his ties to Hip-Hop and Rap (and his surprisingly good rapping skills) in “The Man” and “Take It Back”.
 Few artists know how to really affect the listener, a good album is when the listener can really connect and enjoy the music and lyrics presented. The guitar riffs, the acoustics, and Sheeran’s voice all connect to create sound that automatically catches the heart of the listener.
This album shows us that Sheeran is on the climb up, with nothing but good things to follow.

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