MPMF 2017: A Conversation with Daniel In Stereo

The first time I saw Daniel Chimursoro, otherwise known as Daniel In Stereo, was an opening set at Madison Live in Covington, Kentucky. His positive energy could be felt around the room, and the songs had everyone dancing.

Daniel In Stereo at Midpoint Music Festival. PC: Abby Kruthoffer

Before his performance on the main stage at Midpoint Music Festival, we sat down so I could learn more about his musical roots and what it meant to be playing on the Taft Theater stage, representing Cincinnati.

“My dad is a musician, so he always had instruments around the house and I would pick them up. I wrote melodies throughout my life and towards the end of high school, I started writing poetry,” Chimursoro explained.

Chimursoro is one of the few solo artists in the Cincinnati music scene – while some musicians are in multiple bands and forming tight knit groups, he stands out on his own. He is accompanied by a drummer and bass player for his live performances, but the amount of work he alone puts into Daniel In Stereo could top that of bands with five members.

“I was in bands, but I found myself being the only one writing and putting the effort in to schedule practices. I still wrote songs for a full band to play, but dealing with those other band members made things too complicated.”

So far, Daniel In Stereo has released three singles. “Yours” is a catchy tune that will put him on the map, but “Fool Me Once”, which came out the first of this month, absolutely rips.

“We’re playing a battle of the bands competition here soon that will hopefully raise the money for the rest of the album. I already have three other songs recorded and they’re waiting to come out, but it really depends on the battle of the bands outcome. If we don’t win, I’ll package the six songs we have recorded into an EP.”

As we sat in the box seats on the balcony of the Taft Theater, Christian Gough of Moonbeau appeared on the side stage in preparation of their set. Chimursoro stood up, waving his arms to get his attention. “Moonbeau is so great,” he said, sitting back down.

“Cincinnati has so many dope bands. We’ve had Over the Rhine and WALK THE MOON, The Pomegranates and The National. I grew up seeing these bands live and it was so encouraging to see Cincinnati bands make it. It shows to us smaller acts that it’s feasible. It’s amazing to be playing Midpoint with bands that I play shows with regularly. As we make it, our friends are making it too.”

It’s amazing to be playing Midpoint with bands that I play shows with regularly. As we make it, our friends are making it too.

I caught Daniel In Stereo’s set later that afternoon and watched crowd members in the front row sing all of the words to “Yours”. Chimursoro owned the stage and made sure everyone knew how happy he was to be there.

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