Moonbeau return with latest track “In Your Lifetime”

Back in September, The Indie Sound met up with Cincinnati-based electronic pop band Moonbeau at Midpoint Music Festival.

At the time, they only had one released single, “Are We In Love Yet?”. But on Friday, the duo, made up of the engaged couple Christian Gough and Claire Muenchen, released a second track called “In Your Lifetime” to Soundcloud.

The song gives off a nostalgic ‘80s A-ha vibe mixed with a modern indie feel. Its sound is bright and hypnotic; it builds and builds on itself until it becomes a repetitive overload of textures, but in a totally good way.

It starts off with a cycling synth note that repeats throughout the entire song, which is then is overlaid with a keyboard hook that you won’t be able to get out of your head. The electronic sound fills up with a great bassline, atmospheric harmonies, and a sparse drum beat.

Though Gough provides the lead vocals, Muenchen beautifully harmonizes alongside to highlight the lyrical themes of hope and love.

The song seems to be about a girl who is discontented by the fleeting friendships and love affairs in her life.

“All your lovers, all your friends have all gone dark on you.”

But the male counterpart tells her not to fret, for he will always love her despite knowing she won’t always be his. To lift her spirits and combat feelings of loneliness, Gough leads us to the chorus by telling her to simply “think of all the things you’ll see in your lifetime.”

The keyboard melody goes perfectly with the inspiriting chorus; you can’t help but feel encouraged, empowered, and excited about the life ahead of you. A change of scenery, a change of friends, a change of heart. All should be things we look forward to, for though change can be scary, it is an ever-necessary part of life.

In the next verse, Gough and Muenchen perfectly harmonize the line, “Lovers will never know what it means to be alone” as if to say that once you’ve felt love, even if it doesn’t last, you will always carry it with you, you’ll always know what it felt like.

Both vocals come in again during the bridge of the song, and it is ultimate couple goals. As if singing to one another, they say to “hold me ever so closely. I need someone to tell me it all will be okay. I need you to stay.” SO cute.

Though experiences, relationships, and life itself are temporary, there will always be new ones to gain up until the very end. That thought aids us when we come to those crossroads in life, for not matter what path you choose to go down, there will undoubtedly be more love, awe and wonder along the way.

This 5-and-a-half-minute long track is retro, fun, and inspiriting. Though it seems to go on and on for a lifetime, I’d say perhaps that is the whole point. This is a song that you are obviously supposed to dance around to, and I’d love to hear it live so I could do just that.

And being a Cincinnatian myself, I can’t wait to see what Moonbeau has in store for 2018.

Listen to the track below:

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