Milky Chance Live at Promowest Fest Day 2

¬†Milky Chance is, for me, one of the coolest bands making music today. Their sound, which I’d describe as folk-funk for stoners, is totally unique and translates very well onto the stage.

Hailing from Kassel, Germany, the group originally consisted of duo Clemens Rehbein (vocals, guitar) and Philipp Dausch (production, DJ), but recently added Antonio Greger (bass, harmonica). The three seem to have a really good relationship, and come off as super lax on stage.

Milky Chance at the Columbus Makes Art Stage. PC Andrew Burns
Milky Chance at the Columbus Makes Art Stage. PC Andrew Burns

In fact, the whole show was super lax, as one would expect from a Milky Chance concert. Unlike the other performers I’ve reviewed this weekend, Milky Chance doesn’t make the type of music you’d hoot and holler at or get crazy too. Their vibe is very chill. You can sing along, move a bit, nod your head, and honestly whatever you feel like doing.

Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch of Milky Chance. PC Andrew Burns.

The band is still touring off their first album, Sadnecessary, but they debuted a few new songs. The new stuff didn’t seem very far off from the sound of their first album, which I’m totally fine with. Even after three years, Sadnecessary still sounds like a breath of fresh air, and more so in person.

Antonio Greger. PC Andrew Burns.

Dausch and Rehbein are crazy talented, and their vocals really do stand out. But Antonio was the highlight of the show once he got his harmonica out. Clemens and Philipp seemed to think so too. Antonio got to do not one but two harmonica solos, and they both rocked my world. Clemens even called out his appreciation for Antonio after both solos. I hope Antonio knows how much he is appreciated.

Milky Chance had an hour long set, which is basically the length of their whole first album. It’s a good thing Sadnecessary is great through and through. Hits like “Stolen Dance,” “Flash Junk Mind,” and “Down by the River” were killer. My personal favorite, “Sweet Sun,” was everything I’d hoped for, and other greats like “Stunner” and “Fairytale” sounded amazing.

It was all amazing. They’re just amazing. Their album is amazing, and it sounds like they have another one on the way. That record will probably be amazing, too. The songs we got to hear from it were amazing for sure. If you aren’t listening to Milky Chance by now, get it together and check out¬†Sadnecessary so you can claim you were here when they first got started.

You can stream Sadnecessary on Spotify below.

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