Album Review: Melville Debuts ‘The New Zero’

Portland-based Melville’s release of their new album, The New Zero, is a perfect end to the summer.


As the sun sets on summer and responsibilities for many begin to come around again full swing, this particular set of tracks that The New Zero has to offer to Melville’s listeners is wonderful for sunny day drives to reminisce on the summer.

Ryan Jacob’s vocals are a perfect mix of the familiar style we all enjoy and love with a tinge of edge that separate him from the rest and the instrumentals behind him are a harmonious sound that is like a breathe of fresh air.

The New Zero presents heartfelt lyricism accompanied by a warm timbre that has an edge inspired by bands like Radiohead and Broken Social Scene.

Produced by Gregg Williams (Blitzen Trapper, Dandy Warhols, Sheryl Crow) and Paul Gold (The War On Drugs, Grizzly Bear), The New Zero combines that indie rock sound that we all know and love to an up-and-coming group’s originality to bring a truly enjoyable album to past, present and (sure to be much more!) future Melville fans.

From songs like “Forked Tongue” and “Amnesia” (my personal favorite on the album) to stark contrasts like “Escape Plan” and “Pickup Artist,” Melville’s new album has quite the experience to offer.

With no song sounding the same to the next but sounding so wonderful together all the same, I could not get enough. I was never bored listening to The New Zero, and I was always pleasantly surprised by the next track after the next track after the next.

Although the core of the style stays true throughout, The New Zero was truly like a breath of fresh air with no track sounding relatively same to the next — all songs on the album were independently wonderful in their own right with each track having their own take on Melville’s consistent style.

“The New Zero: a chance to shape what comes next. We can no longer influence the past, but the present is ours to be molded and defined. The aftermath of what comes our way is malleable and there is always The New Zero.”

Melville will be touring starting tomorrow (August, 19) across Oregon and parts of California! Check out their concert dates and venues here!


Melville’s Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.



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