Lookbacks: The Royal Concept’s ‘Goldrushed’

Photo Courtesy of Interview Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Interview Magazine

The Royal Concept is probably a name you haven’t heard often, and you definitely need to. This Swedish indie pop group uses their catchy up-beat melodies to draw in the listener on first listen…after that, you can’t resist coming back for more.

This week’s Lookback is The Royal Concept’s debut album Goldrushed, an album that engaged me from the very start, faintly reminding me of Phoenix’s style on their critically acclaimed album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.


The Royal Concept consists of David Larson (vocals, guitar, and keyboard), Filip Bekic (guitar), Robert Magnus (bass), and Frans Povel (drums). The band started in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010 after they released demos of their track “Damn” which is described as a “mixture of sunny-pop and electronic elements.” With time, the track gained popularity on Swedish radio stations and they eventually released a self-titled EP in June of 2012. The EP gained so much backing that they were able to go on tour with the likes of The Wombats and Wolf Gang.

After finishing their leg of their tour, the band eventually returned to Sweden to finish up their debut album Goldrushed which is where my analysis begins.

Goldrushed is filled with a lot of things: radio hits, slow, electronic lead ballads, upbeat songs to dance to. This album is one to experiment with. You’ll love some tracks and you’ll hate others, but in the end you realize that it was way worth it.

I can talk about tracks like the opening “World On Fire”, a track that exhibits not only an electrifying intro, but a phenomenal and dance-able chorus that acts as a great introduction for the rest of the album itself. There’s also the emotional love ballad “Tonight” where the band still manages to add that electronic feel to the powerful crescendo towards the chorus that immediately produces goosebumps.

“Damn” and “D-D-Dance” all have the qualities that I would find in a Phoenix song. The guitars, the smooth riffs, the sing-along lyrics. The album itself seems to me like a more dance-pop version of something Phoenix would produce. They aren’t Phoenix, but they do come close. If you’re a fan of Phoenix, you’ll be a fan of them.

Goldrushed is an album to play when you’re at a small party with your friends, or maybe even in a solo jam session. Regardless of what you’re doing, allow these Swedish pop-rockers to sweep you up with their pop hits. The album may seem a bit under the radar, but give it a chance. You’ll have no regrets.

You can find Goldrushed on iTunes and Amazon. You can also listen to one of my favorites “D-D-Dance” in the music video below.

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