Lookbacks: Loma Vista by Family of the Year

This week’s lookback is Family of the Year’s catchy and eclectic mix of Indie folk and Indie pop on their sophomore album, Loma Vista.

Photo Courtesy of NY Post
Photo Courtesy of NY Post

Family of the Year is an indie rock band that hails from LA and consists of Joseph (guitar/vocals) and Sebastian (drums/vocals) Keefe, James Bucky (guitar/vocals), and Christina Schroeter (keyboard/vocals).

The band caught my attention a few years ago with two tracks directly from this album: the beautiful acoustic ballad “Hero” and the beach vibe filled “St. Croix”.

“Hero” was featured in the Oscar nominated flick Boyhood (a movie I STRONGLY recommend) and the scene its in really allows the viewer to digest the true intention of the song. If anything when you listen to Loma Vista, listen to “Hero” first.


Loma Vista starts off with “The Stairs”, a melodic blend of acoustics with some great guitar crescendos. What I love about the band is their ability to harmonize together, every member comes together to create a plethora of many different sounds that eventually pays off in the end…its great.

Loma Vista leans more towards the indie folk side of things, but the band does have a few tracks (“Living on Love” and “Diversity”) which tend to be more upbeat songs. “Diversity” even includes a slight sound resembling those used in Vampire Weekend’s music.

Other tracks like “Hey Ma” and “Find It” are more down to earth. These tracks are more relaxing, exhibiting a lot more vocal harmonies and soothing guitar riffs, I absolutely love them.

Loma Vista is an indie folk album infused with a bit of indie rock, and it certainly does pay off in the end. The album released back in 2012, but since then Family of the Year has released a new single titled “Make You Mine”, a summer anthem that I’m waiting to witness get played on the airwaves.

“Make You Mine” is certainly a change of pace for the band, but I’m looking forward to see what they try on their third studio album due to release later this year.

You can check out “Make You Mine” and¬†Loma Vista¬†below or download them on iTunes and Amazon.

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