Lookbacks: I want! I want! by WALK THE MOON

We’re taking it back to 2010, a time where “Shut Up and Dance” wasn’t the song you would hear every five seconds on mainstream radio stations and hits like “Anna Sun” and “Jenny” weren’t huge yet.

That’s right. This week’s lookback is Cincinnati-natives Walk The Moon’s self-released album I Want! I Want! which includes original recordings of “Anna Sun”, “Quesadilla”, “Lisa Baby”, “Jenny”, “Iscariot”, and “I Can Lift A Car”.


What I love the most about this album (other than hearing the band’s original versions of the tracks heard on their debut studio release) is the five tracks that didn’t end up on the studio release two years later.

Songs like “Blue Dress” which beautifully captures front man Nick Petricca’s  phenomenal vocal range always make me wonder why songs like these didn’t end up on the studio debut. Another great thing about “Blue Dress” is the lyrics. I can’t help but get almost sucked into the words and rhythm that flow with such grace…as many of Walk The Moon’s slower tracks tend to do.

Photo Courtesy of The Bay Bridged
Photo Courtesy of The Bay Bridged

There’s also the toned down “I Want! I Want!”, a track that strays from what you would hear from the band now. The song isn’t what I would call a slow one, but it definitely isn’t a song you would jump around jamming out to. It isn’t eerie, it’s more of a song you’d play when you need to think a bit…I’m not exactly sure if that makes sense, but I’ll go with it.

“The Liftaway” and “Me & All My Friends” are the so-called ‘party tracks’ on the album. When I saw WTM for the third time in concert, they actually played “The Liftaway”, pleasantly surprising almost everyone in the venue. Their live performances (as I’ve mentioned before) are absolutely amazing, but getting to see them unearth one of their originals was amazing to witness.

My favorite track probably comes down to “Me & All My Friends” because its such a coming of age kind of song. Its the closest one could get to “Anna Sun” before it became popular, and I really think the five originals deserve a bit more recognition. Die hard WTM fans know all of their music, but others who are just now getting into the indie pop icons should definitely invest some time into listening to their old stuff.

You can buy I Want! I Want! on Amazon, other than there its actually pretty hard to find. Try searching through the internet for a zip file, if you don’t want to do that you can always listen to it on Youtube (a few tracks below).


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