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Soul Step Records is a Cincinnati based vinyl record label founded in 2011 by owner Melvin Dillon. After featuring artists such as Nick D’ & The Believers and The Gills on several gorgeous limited releases, they’re back with two new 7” singles.


The bands in question are Nashville’s Republican Hair and Cincinnati’s Sylmar. Republican Hair came onto the scene this year in a pretty mysterious fashion, with cryptic social media biographies and a hilarious name paired with a logo.

The song “I Don’t Care,” featured on Side A, is fun and quick enough to ensure you’ll put it on repeat. The rest of the single follows this kind of infectious pattern. The Soul Step 7” pressing, limited to 100 copies, will be released with an “American Neapolitan” of red, white, and blue.

Sylmar is a newly formed Cincinnati group with a smooth sound. The single features a digitally released song, “I Love Everything,” with a new B-Side called “Honey.” They both have a
certain charm, with funny lyrics and absolutely stunning melodies.

“I Love Everything” is more of a hit, but “Honey” is a real musical gem, with a great bassline and a lot of pretty vocals. The 7” release, also limited to 100, will be pressed with a beautiful ocean blue. The Sylmar record is also going to be released in 6 different, extremely exclusive Electric Jungle variants.


This release is apart of the Cincinnati Brewers Series, so be sure to make it out to see Sylmar live on December 3 at Listermann Brewing Company when they release the record.

For what will become a recurring feature, check back for more Ohio record label news and be sure to support local by picking up these unique vinyl records.

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