Local Feature: Columbus’ Trying Premieres ’21’ EP

Blossoming from a small bedroom in Columbus, Trying is flourishing with the premiere of their new EP.


(PC: Collins Laatsch)

Officially forming in the fall of 2015, Trying has gone through re-branding of sorts with switching the typical guitar, bass and drums setup to something a little more experimental and exciting.

With the enticement of simple children’s instruments – such as the glockenspiel or melodica – the band found simplicity of their tools to build into one unique sound influenced by the indie rock groups and Bandcamp bands the members were heavily inspired by at the time.

With some members coming and going in the beginning, the band officially consists of Cameron Carr (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Kelsey Yappel (violin, backing vocals, glockenspiel), Brady Costigan (backing vocal, electric guitar), Nick Michael (backing vocals, drums) and, recently, Zayn Dweik (bass guitar).

Although the members of Trying typically stick to their original guns, the members will often switch it up a bit during live shows with Cameron or Brady on ukulele, and Cameron or Nick on glockenspiel.

Yappel has been the band’s merchandise designer, even drawing designs by hand for much of the merchandise, and often collaborates on release artwork with Trying’s main release artist, Sierra Mollenkopf, whom also filled in for Yappel playing her violin parts on the melodica at a number of live shows.

Recently, Trying has become more of a personal project for lead singer, Cameron Carr. In recording and as he prepares to move from Columbus, OH to Brooklyn, NY, the band has become more of Carr’s personal project.

Carr’s main focus and goal for the group to come is to continue to evolve Trying into a band that is quirky and exciting.

Whether there’s a label backing the release or not, (he’s) hoping a few odd-balls listening in their private solitude will appreciate the quirky, rough-edges.

For those of who are are “odd-balls listening (to music) in (your) private solitude,” 21 is digitally out on Friday July 28 on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music. However, Feels So Reel Music has a cassette tape of the EP ready for pre-order on their own and Trying’s Bandcamp.

With their unique sound and true-to-their-word quirkiness, Trying’s new EP is not one you will want to miss!


Trying’s Bandcamp, SoundCloudFacebook and Instagram.



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