Live Review: Lucy Dacus – Newport Music Hall & Big Room Bar – 2/11/17

Last Saturday (2/11), Lucy Dacus rolled through Columbus in support of Hamilton Leithauser, playing a small intimate set at the CD102.5 Big Room Bar in the afternoon, as well as a set at the Newport Music Hall that night.

PC: Lucy Dacus

I was lucky enough to be in attendance for both sets. I think it is necessary to point out that I actually have a personal connection to Lucy Dacus. We are from the same city (shout out to Richmond, Virginia) and my older sister went to high school with her.

I became aware of Dacus’ performances in Columbus sometime around Christmas, and knew I had to do all I could to get to the show. Luckily, thanks to a newly-acquired position at CD102.5, the alternative radio station here in Columbus, I was able to attend not only her show at the Newport but her performance at the Big Room Bar earlier that day as well.

The Big Room performance was amazingly small and intimate, featuring only three or four songs from Dacus. At the Newport that night, she brought the power, bringing down the house with powerful vocals and smooth guitar melodies. That night she previewed two songs off her upcoming second album, which is currently in the process of being recorded, and these songs showed that her music may perhaps be travelling in a more powerful, slightly harder direction.

This isn’t a bad thing; they happened to be my two favorite songs of her set.

Known for her ambient and mellow melodies accompanied by her soft yet somehow powerful and bluesy voice, Lucy Dacus is fairly new on the indie rock scene but is starting to blow up fast. Her debut album No Burden was re-released in 2016 by Matador Records.

I got the chance to chat with Lucy Dacus and her band members for a while, mostly making small talk about music in general and our experiences growing up in Richmond. Dacus mentioned her excitement to be on many festival lineups this summer, most notably Boston Calling, which features Tool, Mumford and Sons, Chance the Rapper, Mac Demarco, and more.

Overall, Lucy Dacus is an incredible songwriter and performer. I highly recommend anyone with a taste for ambient indie rock acts, such as Daughter, give her a solid listen. In addition to being extremely talented, she is one of the nicest musicians I have ever met, I was able to form a personal connection with Lucy right from the get go.

It is really amazing to see someone blow up on the local music scene in Richmond when I was in high school only to come to college to see her become a national act. I truly cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for Lucy Dacus.

You can check out Lucy Dacus’ No Burden on Spotify below.

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