Let It Happen: An Indie Sound Feature

As masters of combining honest lyrics, a driving pop/rock sound and energetic live performances, it’s no wonder that Cincinnati, Ohio’s Let It Happen is on the fast-track to success.


Within the past two years, the group has released their album Cause + Effect toured around the country with acts such as Northern Faces and Northbound, landed their first article with City Beat and released several music videos, including the just-released “Sinner/Saint.”


This past September at Fashion Meets Music Festival (FMMF) in Columbus, OH, I had the opportunity to sit down with the band after their show in the sweltering heat at their first ever fashion-tinged music festival.

Frontman, guitarist and main lyricist Drew Brown, drummer Sean Highley, guitarist Michael Vogel and bassist Nathan Joiner all joined in for the interview, sharing their thoughts on the “gospel of sweat,” playing with multiple artists that they love and what makes their lyrics so personal and special.

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