Album Review: Language and Perspective by Bad Suns

Alt-rockers Bad Suns released their debut album Language and Perspective this week which turned out to be a great album overall.

Photo Courtesy of Red Bull
Photo Courtesy of Red Bull

I had the privilege to see Bad Suns open up for The 1975 a while back, but I was extremely disappointed with their live performance. This was the first time I had ever listened to their music and I assumed they sucked after that concert, but I was wrong.

The band consists of lead singer Christo Bowman, bassist Gavin Bennett, drummer Miles Morris, and guitarist Ray Libby; lead singer Christo states that he was greatly influenced by Elvis Costello¬†and bands like The Clash which allowed him to develop the band’s own style and sound.

Bad Suns have a peculiar sound that leaves you wanting more, a great example is the song Salt that has a rhythm like no other, inducing an infectious beat that can make any person want to dance.

Language and Perspective impressed me to the point where I’ve been listening to it for three days straight. Key tracks off of the album include “Matthew James”, “Dancing on Quicksand”, “Salt”, and “Rearview”.

If you get the chance, I would definitely give this band a listen. Don’t always judge a band by their live performance, you never know what you could be missing.


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