Kris’ Picks: Week 73 – Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Is it Monday already? Christmas is over and the New Year is almost upon us, so why not indulge in some curated picks to get you through your week. 2016 has been hectic, but the music sure hasn’t.

This week’s selection includes songs from the likes of PREP, Major Major Major, Club Kuru, Raiza Biza and so much more. This eclectic mix will snap you back into your senses post-holiday festivities. I promise.

Let’s start smooth with a vocal-driven track that uses the flute, strings and a rhythm that’ll have you tapping your foot along to create the perfect song to start your day with. PREP’s “Who’s Got You Singing Again” isn’t just a song about lost love or the questioning of a lover, it’s a song that will get you moving.

The song’s harmonies scream ‘80s prom night. In a sense, PREP’s lead singer answers his own question. He’ll have you singing again and again and again.

We started smooth, but I want to take things up a notch. Major Major Major’s “So Still” is a song that you won’t be able shake off. Its fun-loving guitar riffs tie in perfectly with short bursts of lyrics from the duo of Adrian Sebastian and Andrew Torrey. Everything following that is a repetitive, yet intriguing rhythm that remind me of snippets of “Needle” by Born Ruffians.

“So Still” is a fun track that will keep you energized. It’s the perfect song to keep you on track, and definitely not one you should sit still to.

The third of our featured four tracks comes from Club Kuru and their Broken Bells-esque song “Not For Me,” a track with nothing but relaxed vibes and a tone that fits the band’s description of their sound: “psychedelic romantic music.”

“Not For Me” is the type of song you can listen to 20 times in one sitting and never get tired of it. A lot of what contributes to that factor is the song’s electric guitar riffs and the keyboards that seem to melt together to create a sound that’s entrancing. This kind of “psychedelic rock” isn’t over the top, it’s just right.

To close the featured four off right, I decided to throw in an exhibition of flow and storytelling with Raiza Biza’s ode to women “Strong Woman.”

The song relies on a riding beat that flows along with the beating of the bongos. As the beat settles in, Bizu’s flowing lyrics tell the story of the women who helped raise him, and as he switches from singing to rapping, the listener is caught by all of the right sounds that turn this track into a great one.

That concludes this week’s Kris’ Picks! Make sure to check back next Monday for Week 74 and you can listen to every Kris’ Picks so far below. Enjoy, and have a great new year!

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