Kris’ Picks: Week 72 – Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Another week, another Kris’ Picks! Week 72 is here featuring songs from the likes of Big Words, HOAX, The Physics, Klyne and so much more. It’s cold out there, but let these curated picks help warm you up with good vibes and happy feelings. On to the featured four, shall we?

First on the selection is an absolute gem from a band out of Melbourne, Australia called Big Words. The band’s unique blending of soul, hip-hop and a hipster twinge of alternative rock on their main single (and only release so far) “The Answer” had me hooked from the start and made it stand out as one of my favorite songs of the playlist.

Guitar riffs you don’t expect and a soulful harmony that’ll put you on your feet are two of the many reasons why I chose to feature this track first. It’s catchy as hell and has an alt-R&B vibe that will lull anyone, and I mean anyone, into a state of tranquility.

Don’t sleep on it. Big Words have “The Answer” to your Monday woes on this smooth, intriguing track.

PC: Big Words // Anna Pianezze

The next song on the ‘featured four’ list is not a hoax, but the band sure is. Another one of my favorite songs on the playlist, HOAX’s “Indian Summer” is another one of my favorite songs due to its ability to take you back to the days where being care-free was all right and it wasn’t cold and depressing.

It starts off with the rolling of waves in the background … the track itself is lively and thrives off of a driving guitar riff and an infectious rhythm you’ll find it impossible to get out of your head.

HOAX’s “Indian Summer” is the perfect song to jam out to, and the perfect song to get you through your week.

On to the next one. The Physics, a Seattle-based hip-hop trio that have been around since ’98, grabbed my attention with a chill song off of their latest studio release Digital Wildlife (2013) titled “On Deck.”

The subtle strumming of the guitar and the hard-hitting bass beat come together to provide the backdrop for this song. The song isn’t a track with crazy flow or clever lyrics, but a showcase of vulnerability behind a simple vocalization of a story.

“On Deck” is a track that flows along with the rest of the day: cool, calm and collected.

Last, but certainly not least, is Klyne’s track “Water Flow,” a song that focuses on vocal harmonies and pure hypnotic sound to entrance the listener in a state of peace.

“Water Flow” reminds me of something SOHN would produce, which is funny because SOHN is featured on this week’s selection with his latest release “Rennen.” Klyne make a song that’s perfect for unwinding and letting everything go to, make sure to make this the last song of your hectic day.

That concludes this week’s Kris’ Picks! Make sure to stay tuned next week for more selections within week 73. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out every Kris’ Picks we’ve done so far below. Enjoy!

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