Kris’ Picks: Week 70 – Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Kris’ Picks: Week 70 is here featuring songs from the likes of Ravellas, Waterstrider, J. Views (ft. Wild Cub), The Cut Losses and so much more. Let’s dive into a fresh selection of 20 tracks to get you through your week.

Let’s introduce you to some new tunes, shall we? First on the list of the featured four, is a lively track outlined by the heavy British accent of the lead vocalist that gives it all that much more color. The song, “Puppettes” by Ravellas, is one that’ll have you singing along with the anthemic beckon-and-call in the song’s chorus.

“Puppettes” is energetic, and the perfect way to jumpstart your morning. Heavy usage of the guitar and drum rhythm remind me of a mixture of something Catfish & The Bottlemen would produce, with more of an emphasis on a fun-loving melody.

Ravellas produce an enjoyable track that you’ll repeat again and again. Make sure to start off with this one!

PC: Ravellas
PC: Ravellas

Next up is the song “White Light” by Oakland-based alt-group Waterstrider. What stood out to me on this track? The vocals. Lead singer Nate Salman’s voice shifts between higher and deeper notes, giving the listener an opportunity to truly admire the singer’s vocal range. Let’s not leave out the groovy guitar vibe going on throughout the background, either.

“White Light” floats along and instantly changes the mood. The melodic rhythm flows flawlessly, and I couldn’t get myself away from the track the first listen through.

It’s a pensive song. It’s a song that’ll make you want to lay down, close your eyes and drift into your thoughts. Definitely save this one for your drive home, or if you just want to wind down a bit.

Do you remember the hit “Thunder Clatter” by Wild Cub that dominated the airwaves last summer? You know, the one that you couldn’t get out of your head for the longest time? Here’s a refresher:

Remember now? Good. Now take those uniquely deep vocals and throw them in a pot with producer J. Views’ accommodating beats/production and you get our third track “Into the Light.”

“Into the Light” heavily relies on a synthpop-like beat that adds to the overall effect of Wild Cub vocalist Keegan DeWitt’s powerful vocals. Lyrics drive this song, and the beautiful sounds you hear produced throughout just make those vocals that much more meaningful.

It’s a great track, and one that deserves to be listened to several times over.

We’re going to close this one off with a song to help you when you need to spend some time alone. The Cut Losses give the listener a indie rock/beach vibe that’s hard to resist on their track “Spending Time on My Own.”

We’ve all had those moments where we just want to relax. Well, this song fits that narrative almost entirely, but not in the way you think. “Spending Time on My Own” isn’t this quiet, tranquil lullaby that will lull you into a state of peace.

No, The Cut Losses calm the listener with extensive guitar solos and a repetitive chorus that feels like it belongs in the soundtrack to a movie about a sad kid in college.

Blast it, and take it all in. Sad or not.

That’s all I have for the featured four, but make sure to explore all 20 songs for a complete Kris’ Picks experience. There’s new stuff from The Weeknd, Flume and so much more, so get on it!

You can also explore every Kris’ Picks we’ve done so far below. Enjoy!

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