Kris’ Picks: Week 68 – Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Let’s face it, last week was rough. The election, sadness … you name it. I understand that pain, and for that very reason I decided to postpone last week’s Kris’ Picks until we all settle down for a little bit. So, if you’re still upset like me, feel free to dive into these tracks more than you usually do. I made sure to pick some special songs to keep you on your feet.

First up on the featured four is a song by the name of “G Train” by the New York-based trio Thirdstory. The group hasn’t been around for long, but their latest EP Searching caught my attention the minute I began listening. Not to my surprise, producer Malay who helped Frank Ocean on his phenomenal record Blonde and Channel Orange, has production credits on a few tracks on the EP.

“G Train” is a track that sets the mood almost immediately starts off with a blues-rock feel that sets the tone, only to evolve into a smooth, harmonious chorus as the smooth vocals of Elliott Skinner, Richard Saunders and Ben Lusher come into the forefront.

The minute the three vocalists come in, it’s impossible not to keep listening. The song is simple and almost hypnotic. R&B, Soul and Blues fall together on this track to create a spectacular listening experience for anyone who’s looking for something outside of the normal “alternative R&B” realm.

“G Train” starts strong, holds the grip and ends abruptly with the same gritty attitude it begins with. Definitely start your week with Thirdstory (don’t forget to explore the trio’s EP).

PC: Billboard
PC: Billboard

Next up on this list of songs is something to perk you up a bit. Something along the lines of college indie rock that’ll take you to summer and get your mind out of the freezing temperatures that seem to fluctuate like nothing recently.

Tipling Rock’s “Campus Fashion” (fitting, right?) is a feel-good song that reminds me a bit of Colony House mixed with the groovy, laid-back vibes of Hippo Campus.

“Campus Fashion” relies a lot on the rhythmic playing of the distorted electric guitar. As it carries the vocals along the back of catchy riffs, the listener is propelled to start tapping their foot along to the beat. The happiness is infectious … I dare you to listen to this and not be happy. I dare you.

The song is one that’ll keep you energized and hopeful, something we truly need right now. Blare it.

Do you need another relaxing track to keep you on your feet? Look no further, ‘cause I have another one. Parekh & Singh’s “Newbury Street” is the perfect song to walk along to while crunching through the sounds of fallen leaves.

The song begins with the tranquil playing of the acoustic guitar, and as the fingerpicked melody fills the listener’s ears with pleasant sounds, you can almost feel yourself feeling a bit better about the day ahead. It’s a reminiscing song, and it’s nothing less than a perfect track to relax to.

Last, but certainly not least is Stone Cold Fox’s “Morning Light,” a slow track that progresses with hard-hitting guitar riffs and a chorus that sounds dreamy and distant, giving the song a tone that matches its title of “Morning Light.”

“Morning Light” is a song you could wake up to. It’s a good one to throw on and start you busy week, so why not? Try it out. You never know what you’ll find in this week’s hopefully more uplifting Kris’ Picks.

Did I mention there have been new releases from The xx and Childish Gambino? They’re included on here, too. Definitely give those a listen.

You can listen to every Kris’ Picks so far, below.

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