Kris’ Picks: Week 65 – Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Another week, another Kris’ Picks. Week 65 is filled with a lot, including songs from the likes of Tuska, Argonaut & Wasp, Miniature Tigers, CLAY and so much more. Let’s dive into some selections and find your new favorite track for this slow Monday.

First up is Tuska’s psychedelic guitar driven song “Da Da Da.” I may have mentioned guitar driven with tracks in the past, but the explosive start of “Da Da Da” grabs a hold of the listener instantaneously, and as more melodies and distorted synths and guitars are thrown in, it’s almost hard not to band your head along to the beat.

About a minute or so in, the song slows down into what seems like a state of euphoric nothing. Everything slows down, the guitars disappear and the vocals flow along in the background as if they’re being sung through a glass wall. When the guitars pick back up again, the listener is thrown into a jam session, with the occasional “da da da” thrown in.

All-in-all, Tuska’s “Da Da Da” reminded me of a more upbeat and energetic version of Tame Impala, maybe something more along the lines of The Bright Light Social Hour, if anything. “Da Da Da” is the perfect song to start your day off with no regrets.

PC: Too Many Blogs
PC: Too Many Blogs

Let’s tone things down a ton with Argonaut & Wasp’s groovy, mellow song “Loser Like You,” an anthem that relies on spoken word explanations on how the band isn’t going to waste their time waiting on a loser like you. Hey, you aren’t a loser! I promise.

The song is weird, in a good way, and the disco vibe of the track as a whole makes it one to vibe along to. It’s a song to dance to, and one to ultimately laugh along with. I’m sure we all have an image of someone who has pissed us off in the past we can make the main subject of this catchy track. Jam along to it and have a moment in your car, it’s worth it.

Miniature Tigers make it feel like summer again with their song “Crying In The Sunshine,” and although the song suggests crying in the sunshine, you’ll be doing everything but that when you’re jamming along to this infectious indie pop gem.

The song’s inclusion of a catchy as hell chorus and a repetitive synth keyboard make it a song to repeat over and over again, especially if you’re missing those summer temperatures you were experiencing a while back (unless you’re in the Midwest). This one was one of my personal favorites alongside “Da Da Da.”

One more to go! This one shifts from all that rock and pop, and heads straight toward the smooth sounds of R&B. CLAY’s double feature (you’re welcome, two songs in one) “WildThing/3’s A Crowd” stood out to me because of the young songstress’ ability to maneuver beautiful, soul-filled vocals around delicate beats.

“WildThing” is more of an upbeat Soul track, while “3’s A Crowd,” looks at the L.A based singer’s ability to sing-rap her way into the listener’s brain, wrapping intricate vocals around the brain that seem to melt alongside the acoustic guitar.

Close the night off with this one.

That concludes week 65 of Kris’ Picks! Stay tuned for week 66 next Monday, if you haven’t al ready, make sure to check out every Kris’ Picks we’ve done so far below.

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