Kris’ Picks: Week 64 – Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Kris’ Picks: Week 64 is here featuring songs from the likes of Brika, Willie J Healey, Foreign Talks, Tom Misch and more! Dive into some unearthed tracks that’ll get you through your hectic week.

With new releases from Phantogram and and a Kevin Parker-infused hit from Pond, one could say this week was filled with surprises. For one, Phantogram’s record was all right, but that’s about it (I was pretty sad).

Let’s stray away from all that “known” stuff and take a look at the featured four artists and tracks you’ve probably never heard of.

First on the list is Brika’s “You,” a simple, funky song that’ll start your Monday off right. The smooth vocals accompany the light playing of th guitar in the background, and as Brika sings of how “you make me feel brighter,” the listener can’t help but to feel a blanket of tranquility fall around them.

Brika, the Miami-based singer, puts the listener in a relaxed mood, setting the stage for a tranquil beginning to your hectic workweek. Start here, you won’t regret it.


Next up is Willie J Healey’s “Saturday Night Feeling,” a song that encapsulates the words of its title. The slow, mellow song is one that puts you in that “Saturday Night Feeling.”┬áThe song is one to digest by lying down in the middle of a field and embracing everything around you. It’s chill, relaxing and a song where the guitar is the driving force of a smooth melody.

Healey’s airy vocals contribute to the song’s overall feeling, a “Saturday Night Feeling” to be exact.

Foreign Talks, not to be confused with Kris’ Picks additions Foreign Fields, caught my attention with yet another relaxing song titled “All Alone.” Are you realizing the theme for this week yet?

“All Alone” reminded me a bit of Captiva, both in lyrical content and relaxing, beach-vibe sounds that resonate in the listener’s ears. It’s hard not to tap your foot along with the infectious chorus and calming guitar riffs.

“All Alone” is my favorite out of all the ‘featured four,’ it’s a song that carried that wow factor I always look for, and it made for a very pleasant walk across campus.

Use Foreign Talks’ track to get you through the day, or if you’re really feeling it, take the day off and reminisce with this playlist.

Last, but certainly not least, is Tom Misch’s eclectic “Watch Me Dance,” an interesting track that incorporates a bit of everything in terms of sound. The song starts with crescendo of strings, only to pan off into a small bass beat along with the the crooning of lyrics from Misch.

Only a few seconds in, the beat picks up, a jazzy guitar is introduced and the listener is throwninto a hand-clap beat that’ll get you dancing in no time.

In my opinion, “Watch Me Dance” is the perfect pick-me-up, and its shift from strings, to funky guitar make it a track to remember. I loved everything about it, and I think it’s the perfect song to end your day on a good note.

That concludes this week’s Kris’ Picks! Look out for 20 more selections next week with week 65, keep in mind you can listen to every Kris’ Picks we’ve done so far below!

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