Kris’ Picks: Week 63 – Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Kris’ Picks: Week 63 is here featuring songs from the likes of Jakil, Gillbanks, The Lumineers and Sticky Fingers. Let’s dive into some music to get you through your week.

The first of the featured four comes from London-based alt-pop band Jakil and their 1975-esque track “Tongue Tied.” The track starts off with the strong, harmonious vocals from lead vocalist —, everything after is a rhythmic battleground that leaves the listener to groove along to a smooth, indie pop chorus that never lets you go.

It’s not Grouplove‘s “Tongue Tied,” but Jakil’s version faintly reminds me of a blend between the sound heard on The 1975’s I Like It When You Sleep… and LANY’s Make Out EP. “Tongue Tied” is a song to jam out to as the sun rises, this song about love will have you filled with a feeling of bliss and happiness, the perfect way to start your week.

PC: Overblown
PC: Overblown

Next up is the track “Childhood,” from yet another London-based band, Gillbanks. “Childhood” has much more of a chill, garage rock vibe about it. Hell, I’d even go as far to say it fits in the “stoner rock” category. The riding rhythm of the drums and the simple guitar riffs tie together to help the listener come down a bit.

“Childhood” dances on the line of psychedelic rock, and my favorite part of the entire song comes about two minutes in when the guitar goes crazy, distortions are thrown everywhere and as the guitars pick up, everything about Gillbanks is on the table. I’d go as far as comparing the band to a more indie rock version of Wavves. More chill, but full of surprises.

The Lumineers also make an appearance on the featured four. Why, you ask? Because they decided to cover Bob Dylan’s “Boot of Spanish Leather,” and it’s too good not to outline anywhere.

The indie folk pioneers take over a classic in a way only The Lumineers can accomplish. The acoustic guitar compliments lead singer Wesley Schultz’s beautifully haunting vocals. It’s a quality familiar to The Lumineers songwriting process. A beautiful melody, strong lyrics and pensive harmonies that make you want to listen to their music over and over and over again. The Lumineers and Bob Dylan walk hand in hand on this one, and it’s a wonderful thing to listen to.

Last, but not least, is “One by One” by Sticky FIngers, a band that describes themselves as a melting pot of psych, rock, reggae and bourbon. “One by One” may not fall directly in any of those categories, but Sticky Fingers’ ability to create an anthemic sound with a powerful chorus on “One by One” is certainly an aspect that stood out to me upon first listen.

The song is differently a change in pace from The Lumineers’ cover of Bob Dylan, but nonetheless the band provides the listener something to close the hectic week out with. An equal measure of loud guitars and screaming choruses make this a song to blast with the windows down. It’s a song to forget your worries to and just drive.

That concludes this week’s Kris’ Picks! Take a listen and find your new favorite song or artist, keep an eye out for week 64 next week.

Also make sure to check out new releases by BANKS and Bon Iver (They’re awesome).


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