Kris’ Picks: Week 61 – Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Kris’ Picks: Week 61 is here (on time) featuring songs from the likes of Family Hahas, Seramic, Cavaliers, Bungalow and so much more.

This week’s featured four are all energized. That’s right, there are no acoustic tracks this week, only guitar riffs that’ll make you want to go out and conquer the day ahead of you, or just hang out and watch the day go by (if you’re feeling lazy).

First on the list is Family Hahas catchy, beach-vibe track “Hindsight.” The LA-based band’s roots come through in their sound, making “Hindsight” a song to listen to over and over again. The song’s guitars build as the track moves on and the end serves as a showcase of a beautifully executed guitar solo.

“Hindsight” is a song you should start with. Its perfectly orchestrated system of providing the listener with slow guitar riffs only to pick up and let everything go at the end of the track is the same way you’ll fall for the track itself. Slowly, but then all at once.

Beach vibes, summer sun and nostalgia will be coursing through your veins at the end of the track.



Next up is “Found” from British electro-soul group Seramic. “Found” starts with an eerie, echoing introduction featuring the smooth vocals of the lead vocalist. As the bass builds, the listener can begin to hear the sound hit its breaking point only to explode with a unique R&B/Soul vibe unlike any other. The song stopped me in my tracks, and it has been one I’ve been blasting all day.

“Found” ends a little bit too abrupt for my liking, but the more you listen to the track and experience that build, the better it becomes.

“Gannet” by Cavaliers is an indie pop/rock gem that will have you dancing in no time. The catchy rhythm and infectious vibe grasp a hold on the listener through the use of its bass line. As the chorus comes in, once again we’re presented with an explosion of sound using guitars and drums to wake you up and keep you going.

What caught my ear? The repetitive little guitar riff. It’s hard to explain exactly, but I’m sure after listening to the track you’ll know exactly what I mean. “Gannet” is a feel-good song that is hard to let go, make sure to give other tracks a chance.

Last but not least is “Fox” by Bungalow, my personal favorite out of the curated selection this week. The weird, rhythmic electronic sounds throb alongside a crazy pulsing beat.

The energy within the track is remarkable, and the vocals thrown in are an added plus.

“Fox” is a weird one, but weird in such a good way. Use this track to close the day off.

That concludes Kris’ Picks: Week 61, go through and find your new favorite song or artist. You can also listen to every Kris’ Picks we’ve done so far below.

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